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Meeting The Drive-By Truckers in 1997 was a pivotal moment in Wes Freed's career as an artist. It became a deeply profound artistic relationship that brought together two of Wes' favorite things: Art and Music. The 25-year-long alliance has become one of rock's most celebrated collaborations.

Welcome to Club XIII • 2022

DBT The Unraveling2020small.jpg

The Unraveling Illustration • 2020

English Ocean Cover Art 14x20 copy 2.jpg

English Oceans • 2014

Go-Go Boots • 2011

DBT Bird Flag Owl small.jpg

American Band Era Illustration • 2014

DBT-Dirty South Full Cover.jpg

The Dirty South • 2004

A Blessing and a Curse • 2006

Decoration Day • 2003

Southern Rock Opera • 2001

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